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Souvenir Sunday Sketches – Prague

GREETINGS MY LOVELY FRIENDS! HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!! IT’S SUNDAY TODAY, THAT MEANS I’M DRAWING YOUR FAVOURITE TRAVEL DESTINATIONS TODAY! Today we’re going to Prague, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic! This travel destination was submitted by my friend and fellow illustrator Ellen Lambrichts. Thanks Ellen! The previous locations I drew for #SouvenirSunday were places I haven’t been to yet, but Prague is actually a place I’ve visited before and I agree with Ellen that it’s definitely worth it!

Souvenir Sunday Sketches

Hello my lovely friends! It’s Sunday today and that means I draw your favourite travel destinations today! Normally I always draw places that I’ve traveled to in the past or where I find myself in the moment. I’ve traveled to many places already so my list of places to draw is long and varied and I’m not at all running out of places to draw yet BUT I had this wonderful idea in the beginning of the month to start drawing locations that have been submitted by you!

Starting a Blog Again!

Hello my lovely friends! Welcome to the new SOMEWHERE IN THE WILD BLOG! After some deep contemplation I’ve decided to start with my blog again… mostly because I’ve been feeling incredibly unhappy with certain social media platforms. I think it will be great to use my own platform to share my art and my thoughts.